6 November 2023

Shane will attend the international BioGeoSCAPES science planning workshop in Woods Hole, Massachusetts

4 September 2023

Shane, Milla, and Amanda will attend the Experimental Evolution and Community Dynamics workshop at the Tvärminne Zoological Station in Tvärminne, Finland.

18 June 2023

Inga-Katariina Aapalampi successfully defends her MSc thesis. Congrats Inga-Katariina!

29 May 2023

Olli Pitkänen successfully defends his MSc thesis. Congrats Olli!

3 May 2023

Shane is awarded a Research Council of Finland Academy Research Fellowship to fund the group for the next 4 years!

19 January 2023

Shane has a new paper in ISME J on microbial predatory-prey coevolution!

5 January 2023

Thomas Hackl's paper on novel mobile genetic elements in Prochlorococcus is out in Cell!

16 June 2022

Shane gives an invited talk at the BioGeoSCAPES Pan-European workshop, EU 2022 Euromarine in Zagreb, Croatia.

3 May 2022

Shane gives a plenary presentation at the Tvärminne Symposium on Polar Microbes and Viruses in Tvärminne, Finland.